We at Rc Observer provide aerial photography and video production service in India using drones, helicams and Red Raven camera. The setups are modular in design, can be man-carried and easily be transported in a utility vehicle. By flying at a lower altitude we are able to shoot ” below the smog “, using wide angle lenses and offering views that are comparable to those shot from full-size aircraft.

For aerials we have DJI Phantom4, Phantom4 pro and Inspire 2 with X5S camera which records at up to 5.2K RAW in Cinema DNG, Apple ProRes and more. We also have a Zenmuse X7 camera gimbal with prime lenses for the Inspire 2 which can provide 6K RAW aerial footages.

For ground shots we have Red Dragon Raven (4.5k RAW @ 120 fps) with Sigma Art prime lenses, DJI Ronin-mx, foolcontrol App on iPad, 4k tft screen etc. with operators.